The ULTIMATE Summer Bucket List - 50+ ideas to make Summer 2017 the best one yet! |

The ULTIMATE 2017 Summer Bucket List

June 19, 2017

Even though I am (well) past my school days, I still remember summer as a break. It’s a break from responsibilities, a break from hard work, and a time to let loose and have fun. Unfortunately, I’m not in school anymore and adulting is hard. You have to do that stuff even when it’s warm out!! I definitely didn’t sign up for this.

It’s because of this adulting thing that I came up with a summer bucket list a few years ago. Each year, at the start of summer, I sit down and write out a list of fun things I want to make time for over the summer. Personally, I’m a bit ambitious and have yet to complete an entire list. This is where you come in.

I have so many summer bucket list ideas that I just HAVE to share. Maybe among us, we can actually get an entire list crossed off! Wouldn’t that be fun? Then we can all kick back in our respective lounge chairs and enjoy a nice root beer float… or lemonade… or cocktail.

Let’s break it down, shall we? Get out your pen and paper and make sure to take notes! OR save this handy-dandy picture to your Pinterest for future reference!


The ULTIMATE Summer Bucket List - 50+ ideas to make Summer 2017 the best one yet! |

The ULTIMATE Summer Bucket List for 2017 from Being Breanna by Breanna Raine.

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  1. Make homemade lemonberry popsicles (Need a mold? I’m in LOVE with this one!)
  2. Make freshly-squeezed lemonade
  3. Pick out a watermelon for watermelon pops
  4. Try your hand at homemade ice cream (Don’t have a machine? This one works great!)
  5. Make root beer floats (If you’re feeling brave, try my favorite by replacing root beer with orange or strawberry soda!)
  6. Make S’Mores (Bonus points if you use your backyard firepit)
  7. Get FroYo with ALL THE TOPPINGS!
  8. Eat at a restaurant with a patio (Check if their patio’s dog friendly! Spot wants out of the house too!)
  9. Brew some sun tea
  10. Try every Ben & Jerry’s flavor you can find


  1. Turn on the sprinklers and have a dance-off
  2. Head to the neighborhood pool
  3. Invest in a Slip-N-Slide (Or build your own, like this guy)
  4. Sprinklers + Trampoline = HOURS of fun (Just make sure supervision is present and safety rules are followed)
  5. Buy a kiddie pool to dip your toes in
  6. Water balloon fight, anyone? (Cut down on prep time by using these easy to fill and seal balloons! They make ALL the difference!)
  7. Water war. Everyone gets a water gun, balloons, hose, etc. No one is safe! 3… 2… 1… GET SOAKED!
  8. Go night swimming
  9. Spend the day at the water park
  10. Dance in the rain


The ULTIMATE Summer Bucket List - 50+ ideas to make Summer 2017 the best one yet! |

Even Spot will want to get in on the wet and wild summer fun!


  1. Go to the zoo
  2. Stop by to your local museums
  3. Head to the park for a water balloon fight (Please, make sure to clean up after yourselves!)
  4. Play mini-golf
  5. Go shopping downtown
  6. Take a day trip to the nearest lake or beach
  7. Build a sandcastle (Don’t forget your tools!)
  8. Find some fellow beach-dwellers for a pickup beach volleyball game
  9. Head to the State Fair or 4th of July Carnival
  10. Go on a road trip
  11. Attend an outdoor concert
  12. Stop by the farmer’s market
  13. Volunteer at the local animal shelter
  14. Go camping
  15. Our Aquarium offers sleepovers where you can explore at night and sleep next to sharks! See if yours offers something similar!


The ULTIMATE Summer Bucket List - 50+ ideas to make Summer 2017 the best one yet! |

Sometimes, you just gotta get out of the house. Head to the nearest lake for a dip in the cool water.


  1. Find the perfect summer sandals and invest!
  2. Take a wine tasting tour at the local vineyard
  3. Not a wine person? Try a flight at your local brewery
  4. Rock bright red lipstick for an entire day (My personal favorite is Red Velvet by Lime Crime. Check out Amsterdam by NYX for a cheaper alternative!)
  5. Commit to wearing a sundress once a week
  6. Have a photoshoot with your bestie complete with outfit, makeup, and hair changes!
  7. Get your hair colored in a bright, fun color (Use temporary dye or hair chalk if you’re not committed!)
  8. Pick a makeup trend and master it


  1. Plant an herb garden or window flower box
  2. Have a themed movie marathon (Harry Potter? Disney? 80’s Teen Movies? The possibilities are endless!)
  3. Tie Dye T-shirts
  4. Host a game night (My top picks? Watch Ya’ Mouth, if you’re playing with kiddos. Cards Against Humanity, if you’re all adults.)
  5. Build a giant pillow fort. Kick it up a notch and take it outside!
  6. Paint or redecorate your bedroom
  7. Start a side hustle (Blogging, anyone?)


The ULTIMATE Summer Bucket List - 50+ ideas to make Summer 2017 the best one yet! |

If having a picnic in the lush summer grass isn’t on your bucket list, it should be!


  1. Have a midnight picnic under the stars
  2. Go on a double date
  3. Play hide and seek in IKEA
  4. Test drive a fancy car and take it through the drive thru for milkshakes (Careful not to spill!)
  5. Go tech-free for a day and do things you used to do as a kid
  6. Wake up early and go on a breakfast date (Heck, stay in your pajamas and head to iHop!)
  7. Split a milkshake at the cool 50’s style diner you’ve been eyeing
  8. Get a couple’s massage
  9. Carve your names in a tree
  10. Take a drive downtown and taste test all the taco/food trucks you come across


There you have it, folks. More than 50 summer bucket list ideas to make the most of your summer.

I’ve used 10 (maybe I’ll actually get to cross them all off – fingers crossed!) of the ideas above to make my summer bucket list. Do you have a bucket list? What are the top 3 things on your summer bucket list?


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