Procrastination Puppies

June 30, 2017

Sometimes, procrastination happens. You have this THING you want to get done and you know if you don’t do it soon, it might never happen. Or maybe you have a set deadline that’s inching it’s way closer and you just can’t get all your ducks in a row. Sometimes something comes up – an appointment, a car or computer issue, a sick baby, etc.- that prevents you from doing what you need to do when you probably should be doing it. Sometimes, that “something” that “comes up” is when Netflix adds the new season of Criminal Minds and you NEED to know what happens. In my house, the biggest causes of distraction leading to procrastination have happy wagging tails.

Meet my girls. My fur babies. My little itty bitty she-devils.

Bella(trix Lestrange)

This beautiful long-haired blonde is Bella. Notice the similar (in style, not color) hairdo to her namesake?

Yes, Bella knows she’s pretty. Yes, she will let you pet her. No, you’re NOT allowed to stop, under any circumstance, ever. She’s a firecracker, this little one. She’s outgoing and friendly. She loves treats and belly rubs more than life. She hates cats and when Mom picks her up to give her 100 kisses in a row.

Rowen(a Ravenclaw)

Next, is my little princess Rowen. To me, she’s the perfect chocolate color that represents the bronze from my house: Ravenclaw. (Yes, bronze. Read the book, people ;)) Rowen is the quieter of the two. She’s a lover who would trade everything for cuddles. She also loves treat time a little too much. She doesn’t really like people other than Mom. Rowen is DEFINITELY the little sister of the two. She doesn’t like to be held and she does NOT like when the cat’s around.

While these girls are the loves of my life, the keepers of my heart, and my happiness first thing every morning, they’re also a major source of distraction. Both girls love attention from me and will do anything to get it. Bella likes to climb onto my chest and spread out, showing me her unrubbed – therefore, unhappy – belly. Rowen will nudge her extremely cold and wet nose under my elbow until her ears are scratched. These prove to work for them and not for me. More times than not, I stop what I’m doing (like writing this, and every other, blog post) to give them love.

For me, I have to give the girls their treat time when I’m writing. If they’re busy, gnawing away at a chicken jerky, I have just enough time to type up my thoughts. Is this bribery to keep them quiet? Absolutely. Will it continue when I (someday) have kids? Probably. Am I mad? Absolutely not! I got my work done and they got a treat. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Do any of you have the (super)power to avoid the cute and keep your focus? How do you do it?


Until next time,

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