The One Mistake I Made When Starting A New Blog

July 24, 2017

Starting a new blog is kind of stressful. There are so many articles out there telling you what to do and what not to do. They make it seem like you have to come up with this perfect combination in order to succeed and really make the blog life work for you. 

It’s hard and it can be a lot to take in. You have to be able to sort through the information screaming at you from all sides and figure out what works best for you. A lot of the information out there about blogging comes from blogging bloggers. You know, the business-y type bloggers who’s niche IS blogging. This is fine, it’s great, just keep in mind that there are so many different ways to blog. Every blog blogger is going to propose different ways of doing things.

So here I am – a lifestyle blogger who is just trying to plant my feet firmly on the ground. I’m just a girl who wants this blog to become bigger than words, because I have so much to share.

Here is the one mistake I’ve made from the very beginning that’s hindered my growth potential. Please, don’t make the same one.

DON’T follow a ton of people just to get a follow back.

I admit it. I followed everyone. At one point, I was following nearly 900 Instagram accounts – many of whom didn’t align with my niche or my interest. I joined several follow chains and did the whole “follow for follow” game.

At first, I justified this by saying that I was never going to spend a lot of time on my blog’s Instagram feed, so it didn’t matter who I followed. That was insanely far from true. I spend a huge amount of time on my feed. 

Follow people within your niche and who you have real interest in. 

It’s important to streamline those you follow. If you surround yourself with accounts who are similar to yours, it will help motivate you. The accounts you follow will give you ideas and fill you with inspiration. It will make you want to develop and grow as a blogger. 

It doesn’t matter the platform – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Find and connect with people in your niche. Follow that account that’s everything you want to be someday. Surround yourself with your inspiration until you become it. Be genuine to who you are and what you want. 

Then, followers will come. They’ll see the real you and they will come. 

STARTING A BLOG - Breanna Raine shares the ONE mistake that she made as a new blogger. |

STARTING A BLOG – Breanna Raine shares the ONE mistake that she made as a new blogger. |

Are you a blogger? What was the one mistake you made that you kicked yourself for?

Thinking of starting a blog? GREAT! Stick around for when I show you how I started mine and talk about why it was the best decision I ever made!




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